Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Art of Travis Chantar

Travis Chantar is a Brooklyn-based artist who identifies as a mixed race queer individual. His photographic series Flowers, recently highlighted by Elle magazine, seeks to contrast the strength of the human body with the delicacy of nature.

Notes Elle: “Chantar, originally from the mountains of Idaho, fostered his fascination with flowers and plants as a child. Drawn to their patterns and details, he used to dissect them in his garden. He worked this interest into his photography and uses the ritual of placing the petals on his subjects to develop a level of intimacy.”

“Flowers are a precious reminder of fleeting, young beauty, says Chantar. “I love the idea of freezing the wild, perfect frailty of life in its prime. It would seem a waste if I failed to notice moments of bloom.” Chanter also notes that, "Decoration, particularly of the human body, holds powerful emotional and cultural significance, deepening our experience. As we move toward a global society, there is great opportunity to celebrate each other through new, shared culture.”

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