Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blue Hare

Image: "Blue Hare" by Edward Foster.


Anonymous said...

hi leveret
just interacted with two hares in the last hour on the land
i observe tatoos on some of your last posts
possibly you are already familar with -James Kern
and Guy Aitchinson
and of course --

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors"

best wishes shane

Anonymous said...

hi again

my two have friens have called by my front door at 7,15am - stayed unusually long time this morning
- if you are ever in ireland i invite you to interact with the hare folk
have a good day
admire your creative endeavours

The Leveret said...

Hi Shane,

Thanks for your messages and the links to the websites of the tattoo artists James Kern, Guy Aitchinson and Alex Grey.

If you ever get the chance to photograph the hare folk that visit you, I'd be more than happy to share your photos at The Leveret!

Anonymous said...

yes of course
i have a Canon .. cant recall the specs but it is good one -- i have not the patience to take the time to learn how to use it
while i write this i realise/become aware that i have much ''hare'' qualities
jumpimg - running , racing wheather on foot or car
anyway you have given me a target
lets see what happens
for some reason - this year they are in the fields near the house
we have woeful weather here in southwest ireland
google - ballybunionsurfschool and killarney national park
how is the weather with ye
regards shane