Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Ancient Religion

. . . [M]ost folklore material concerned with the hare, whether informed by sympathetic magic or not, appears to support its connection with an ancient religion: the worship of the Mother Goddess, the deity that Robert Graves has characterized as the White Goddess. The whole of the complex witch-connections of the hare can, in fact, be regarded from one angle as the vestiges of the worship of the White Goddess. Both the hare and the cat were sacred to her, and in the superstitions, which are the squandered legacy of the old religious beliefs, the hare and the cat have become the witches' familiars.

– George Ewart Evans & David Thomson
The Leaping Hare

p. 221

Image: Amanda Clark.


Anonymous said...

yesterday unusual day- no Hare to be seen , i pondered could it be the new moon last night --
this evening at 21.30 hours one of my Hare friend - came to within 5 ft of the front door of office - sat a looked in - if only i had speed competence on the Cannon as it turned about did some rituals -
it was the first time i see such sleek beauty maybe it was the atmospheric colours or maybe my perception has been awakened with some assistance from your blog -
thanks (buioch dhuit)

The Leveret said...

What a great story/encounter. Thanks for sharing. It's fascinating to follow your relationship with your Hare friend, and your changing perception/understanding of it. I'm honored that you consider this blog of assistance to you in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Synchronicity Synchronicity Synchronicity --
Ah , now it is dawning on me what the hares could be trying to bring me to an awareness of BY you mentioning of the White Goddess -- this is an old part of ireland with a pagan ireland influence and recently a German dowser /diviner was passing the area and she said that there were people stealing the energy of my Lands ( i am a bit simple , i see everyone's potential and believe that they are keen to engage it - not always true and i have paid a price and learn a lesson) Thanks for the White Goddess info - - what the hares are doing could be bringing back the White Goddess energy - there behaviours at least 50% of the time is - they seem like they are whispering to the land and then they do the same head movement ritual each time - mystery and magic , now i will be able to enjoy it better and turn off at least for a while my chewing mind -- i will tell you about the cat another time -- I love my lands , fought for by my great great grandfather , and great grandfather but they can be worse than a bad wife -- BUT the american indians had it right -- the land owns me not I own the land - and by hell how right they are -- you have led me to a pandora's box , i will buy you a Guiness when you come by Cheers Shane
do you have a blog email where i could send other info and then you decide to publish it or not

Anonymous said...

Hi again
bounding past again like a hare --Jung's Synchronicity again --
if you wish go to
and then go to 'insights at the edge' and you will find Eckhart Tolle on ''what is space consciousness''
-- life can be facinating and our evolving interconnectivity - horizontal and vertical
-- i will take my notebook with me on the lands this weekend -the muses could have a poem to express-- have a great weekend and '' keep digging up those lumps of gold''
now i recall - that is what my father used say to me as we dug out the potatoes
thanks - i will buy you 2 Guinesss when you come by Cheers Shane

Anonymous said...

regards shane