Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hare and Moon

“Hare & Moon” (mixed media, 300mm x400mm) by Carry Akroyd.

Writes Akroyd: “My subject is mostly the agricultural landscape, with forays into wilder retreats. Working both as a painter and printmaker, the crossover of techniques is perpetually stimulating; ideas evolve through the permutations of different media. I am absorbed by one discipline for a few months at a time.”

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steffswayneshaw said...

Hi , my name is Steff , I am a Poast op Transexual ,my rebirth starting with a new moon.I am a Blacksmith too and have been asked to create something to do with the Hare for an exhibition in Glastonbury.I have come across your creation and love what i see and will be using your creation as an inspiration to help me in my few months ahead, thankyou.